MEUM Campaign “You do you”

We got asked by Mathilde Gylstorff, the founder of the shaving company, MEUM, to be the production company for their latest campaign. For this campaign, they wanted a stronger focus on body positivity, different ethnicities and the right to do what you want with your body.

This meant a more thorough casting process, creative process and more planning to be able to execute the campaign the way they wanted.



Strategic lead: Mathilde Gylstorff and Ida Lærke

Creative lead: Mathilde Gylstorff and Julius Sønderhave

Still Photographer: Julius Sønderhave

Videographer: Magnus Østrup

Editors: Julius Sønderhave, Magnus Østrup and Jens Haugaard

Timespan: 1 month

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution

Planning and references

Before the big production, we had three meetings. The first meeting was an introduction to their goals for the campaign and a creative workshop to further fuel the campaign with good ideas and creative touches. At the second meeting, we concretised the concepts and made a full production plan so everyone involved, from talents to runners had a clear idea of the production. The third meeting was practical. We had a run-through of the two productions to make sure the schedule was realistic and where to cut if time got out of hand.


The production was split up into two days with two different focuses. Day one of the production was focused solely on product stills, both the typical packshots and photos with the shaver in a styled environment. Day two was focused on the campaign. For the first half of the day, we shot stills and the second half of the day was focused on the video campaign. The whole day was full of coordination and direction of the cast, and we had to be stringent and tight to keep the time schedule.

Editing, grading and delivery

We split up the editing process between our editors. One editor had to focus on stills and the other one on the campaign video and other video concepts. This meant we could optimise the time usage and deliver the first drafts in under a week. After we handed over the drafts, MEUM agreed on the style and grading, so we could wrap up the whole editing process during the next two weeks.

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