We are a Copenhagen-based video and photo production company that provides clients with the products you need for your next campaign, project, or film. From conceptualizing to post processing, Ducor has a team of talented professionals who can provide all the services you need - from concept development and cinematography to editing, titles, color correction and graphics.

Brand Campaign

— Detailed planning

— Concept development

— Media strategy

Strong creative work that resonates with your target audience.

We help your brand get the right attention, build emotional connections with your audience, and increase purchase intent. Our core process is to translate your brand story into creative concepts that tell the story in the most relevant way to your target group. Through our work, we make sure you have a consistent identity across all channels of communication.

Our clear, strategic thinking will enable you to resonate with your audience and create memorable marketing campaigns.

Brand Strategy

— Strategy and positioning

— Brand architecture, values and voice

— Story development and storytelling

Use film to give your storytelling life and bring your target group and your brand closer to each other.

We offer a brand strategy that can be defined as sourcing, defining and positioning your core brand story. We work to establish the right tone of voice to communicate with the right audience. 

To improve the brand strategy, we work to build an aligned communication plan that will help you achieve your objectives. We strive to ensure that all of your communication efforts are consistent with your new brand strategy.

Internal Communication

— Content strategy

— Internal branding

— Employer development content

Building a story that reflects your company's values and core essence.

We know how important it is to have a strong internal culture, especially now that most of your employees are using digital media as their main channel for communication. Our goal is to create an internal brand experience that increases authenticity, positive emotions and pride around your brand. 

To achieve these objectives, we support your team in developing a story that reflects the true essence of your company and its values. We then work with you to establish a plan that includes both marketing and communications activities focused on increasing the experience of your employees. In addition to our internal consultancy services, we also integrate our creative and production expertise so you can create powerful campaigns for all channels.

Motion Graphics

— Product films

— Animation videos

— Animated explainers

Motion graphics is more than just animation. It's storytelling at its best.

Motion graphics is more than just animation. It is storytelling at its best, with an elegant mix of 2D and 3D visuals, sound effects and music that gets your message across to your audience in the most engaging way possible. We create films from scratch, from ideation to completion, including script development and storyboard sketches to complete the video - all the while giving you a full briefing so you know what's going on.

Product Stills

— Packshots

— Retouching

— Creative product photography

Great visuals are the key to success in today's competitive market, and we're the answer.

We offer product stills and packshot services for all your visual communication needs. This is the perfect solution if you are looking to showcase your products attractively, or you need photos of specific angles to highlight design elements.

We understand the importance of your product visuals, and our team will provide you with aesthetically pleasing images. We pride ourselves in having professional photographers who can visually communicate your story to your consumers.

Social Media Content

— Content creation

— Paid social media

— Natives ads

We do whatever we can to keep your brand relevant on your social channels.

Creating interesting content for social media is no small task. It requires creativity, resourcefulness and a deep understanding of your audience. We are constantly looking for ways to blend the new with the traditional to provide brands with innovative content ideas through organic and paid online advertising and the latest content trends.

Creative video content has become the new normal, and it has never been more important to create content that engages audiences. We can help you maximize your social media efforts through video content, targeting the right people with the right message.

Get creative with us

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