About us

Ducor is a video and photo production company that can provide you with all the services that you need for your next project. From planning to the finished product, we have you covered. We are familiar with the whole process, so we can help you from day one to final delivery.

What we do

We provide a wide range of creative services to fulfil your creative needs. We have experience in both small single-camera productions as well as bigger multi-crew setups with complex lighting and aerial equipment.

How we do it

We deliver creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions based on our client's specific demands. We take every project as a challenge and fulfil all requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

What makes us different

We have the creativity and drive to deliver nothing but the best. Additionally, we pride ourselves on delivering projects fast and on time. You will experience integrity, creativity and professionalism working with us.

Our story

In 2018 Julius Sønderhave started as a freelance photographer. After a few years of working on his own, he realised that he needed a more professional environment capable of handling bigger productions. In 2021 Julius founded Ducor along with Emil Malthe Eilertsen and Jesper Kolbe Vedersø who recently sold their shares in a Danish digital agency. Since then, the team has expanded with more creative talents to follow the increasing demand of our expertise.

Get creative with us

Do you have a project in mind? We would love to hear about it and help you out by giving you a free creative session to help get your creative ideas flowing.

Phone: +45 27 66 60 50 | Email: contact@ducor.dk
Address: Grønningen 5, 1270 København K | CVR: 42890782

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