M-KAE Campaign Launch 2022

M-KAE has been a loyal customer the last two years and wanted us to have the production lead once again for their new 2022 collection. M-KAE changed their target audience last year from the age group of 13-18 to 18-30, this meant that we had to focus on creating content, which kept the appeal to an older and more mature audience.

We had the responsibility for both stills and video and delivered over 100 finished stills, 2 video concepts for paid ads and a campaign video with cutdowns for all of their channels.



Strategic lead: Maria Kragmann

Creative lead: Maria Kragmann og Julius Sønderhave

Still photographer: Julius Sønderhave

Videographer: Magnus Østrup

Editors: Magnus Østrup and Julius Sønderhave

Timespan: 2 weeks

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution

Planning and references

Before the first meeting, Maria Kragmann the founder of M-KAE, sent us a bunch of references in terms of concepts, look and atmosphere. We talked the references through and we decided on what creative path to take.


We shot the whole campaign in The Lab, where we had space to fit the vintage Lamborghini, which was a key part of the shoot. We did a hybrid shoot, where the lighting setup worked for both stills and video at the same time to optimise our time usage. This meant we were able to get everything shot without stress.

Editing, grading and delivery

We split up the editing process between two editors, one focusing on stills and one focusing on video. This sped up the whole process and made it possible to meet the tight deadline. We had close contact to M-KAE and could therefore constantly keep them updated with drafts to further smoothen the post process. Everything was handed over in correct formats for every channel and in time for their promoted date for the launch.

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