Silfen Sustainability Campaign

Sustainability is a fuzzy word. As a young, global fashion brand, its mission is to take care of the planet for all future generations to come. At SILFEN, it means putting action behind the words, considering all stakeholders, and always aiming a little bit higher when creating another collection. We created a smooth and fashionable video look to launch their new sustainable bag collection while maintaining the main message.



Strategic lead: Emma Bau and Celine Silfen

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave, Emma Bau and Celine Silfen

Timespan: September 2020

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution


We met with Emma Bau and co-founder of Silfen, Celine Silfen, in early summer 2020. We had a creative session discussing how and where we could portray the bag company’s new approach to sustainability. We came up with a creative direction and locked in the location. For the next meeting, our goal was to bring up the best references and ideas to do the final preparations and prepare a shot list. At the last session, every piece of the puzzle was laid, and we agreed on the model, props, and styling.


We met early in the morning at Faxe Kalkbrud. The model's hair and makeup were completed before we moved down to the final location. We had four different scenes planned out around the azure blue lake, with the last ones being in the water. Each scene had different props. One scene used the fabric of the bags, one used plastic bottles, and one scene used colored polycarbonate plates. We brought out the drone to capture some breathtaking top-down shots of the blue fabric in the surreal-colored lake for the final scene.


SILFEN hired the famous voice actor Annie Einan and produced a script, which dictated the flow and what scenes to use. The color grading ended up being soft to avoid the azure blue lake not taking too much attention and keeping a natural desaturated look throughout the video.

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