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As an easy, understandable, and helpful bank Lunar has grown popular in Denmark. With their new business account, they looked to further brand themselves as the go-to company for startups who need fast and good service with little fuss. To do this, we worked closely with Danish influencers that also had entrepreneurial backgrounds - meaning they could vouch for Lunar because they used the product themselves. We wanted these individuals to share stories about how they overcame challenges in their businesses while reminding other entrepreneurs just starting: You can achieve anything if you put your heart into it!"

The production's purposes were primarily geared towards branding due to the target audience being entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. The videos were all under a minute long, but because of their non-traditional format compared to other social mediums, they caught significant attention from Lunar Business's targeted audiences.

In addition, this case video was used as an introduction to the marketing content that followed after - with blog posts, native ads, etc.



Strategic lead: Cecilie Hartmann

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave and Emil Eilertsen

Timespan: February 2021 - March 2021

Our method of execution


We planned the shoots thoroughly in close contact with Lunar’s influencer coordinator. It was important that the right questions were asked for the entrepreneur to describe their business the best way possible, including their ups and downs.


Our production was scheduled to last half a day. Every production, we met the entrepreneur an hour before shooting. It was essential to make them feel comfortable and secure to speak openly and without stress. It also allowed us to make last-minute adjustments, so we were comfortable in our questions and how we wanted to portray the talent. The location was chosen to be in an office environment to underline further the start-up and business aspects and how Lunar Business could help you as an entrepreneur.

Editing, grading and delivery

Since the production's primary purpose was to create awareness and branding about Lunar Business, we had to deliver multiple versions and formats for the content to fit Lunar’s paid marketing funnel. Each video had three 15 second cut downs with different core outtakes, each describing a different aspect of the talent’s business journey. This worked perfectly as an eye-catcher to lure new possible leads for Lunar. Anthon Louis’ video about his firm “Bare en T-shirt” had just made an appearance on national television which meant, we had to work on a tight deadline to exploit the exposure and interest it had already generated. The week after it was aired, the video went live, and we managed to time it beautifully.

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