RUST Sleeps Around: Farveblind

The corona pandemic had taken its toll on the danish cultural scene, and RUST wanted to create a safe environment for live music to stand still. They made a concept called “RUST Sleeps Around” where smaller or unique venues were used to create a memorable and intimate atmosphere during a pandemic. The Farveblind concert was held in a cinema, allowing them to create stunning, more creative visuals. Our job was to document their concert and give their thoughts on being musicians during a lockdown.



Strategic lead: Mikkel Glenstrup

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave and Mikkel Glenstrup

Timespan: November 2020

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution


As part of the research, we looked into Farveblind’s music videos and visual identity to become the primary source of inspiration for the edit. The narrative was also a big part of the production and had to be coherent with the message of Rust’s cultural concept.


We met Farveblind one hour prior to the concert. We wanted to capture their thoughts and the atmosphere before the concert. The vibe created backstage was pulsating and full of emotions and tension, which was perfect and what we sought after. We had the challenge of getting a sitting audience to come alive at the concert, but the visuals and the heavy bass from Farveblind’s music made it straightforward.


We took Farveblind’s latest single, “Why” as our biggest inspiration for the edit. We used the song, combined it with the visuals from the concert and the words of one of the producers, Magnus Grønnebæk. It created a suspenseful intro before culminating in the song's drop, where the live version and the studio version of “Why” melts together beautifully.

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