LABFRESH - SS23 campaign

LABFRESH develops clothes that stay clean and fragrant for days. Their mission is to make the fashion industry more sustainable by engaging consumers to buy less clothes, wash less and keep their clothes for many years.

They came to us with a desire to help them with their upcoming collection and campaign, which is all about them coming home to Denmark again. They have made a name for themselves with the opening of their flagship store in Copenhagen and wanted their content to reflect the same.



Strategic lead: Kasper Brandi Petersen

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave & Sara Vles

Timespan: February - March 2023

Key focus: Konvertering, brand awareness

Our method of execution

Alignment of expectations

LABFRESH's marketing manager, Sara, in collaboration with our creative lead, was in charge of the pre-production. After a meeting where we were introduced to their thoughts, we started preparing a moodboard and a treatment with our thoughts, solutions and possibilities. They wanted a focus on Denmark, nostalgia and homecoming. The challenge was that it was a summer collection that we had to shoot in February. Therefore, it was important in pre-production to factor in the risk of bad weather, people with winter jackets and no green leaves on the trees. We therefore gathered locations in Copenhagen that could work in rainy weather. In addition, we had to be able to create sunlight on our indoor location if the sun wasn't shining.

The days of shooting

The shoot was spread over two days, with the first day focussing on capturing the Copenhagen cityscape. It was the only one of the two days where we had sunshine, so it was important for us to create the illusion of summer during the day as the weather was with us. We had a tight schedule with a long shot list, combining stills and video in close collaboration with our production team and LABFRESH's creative team. After lunch, we headed to our indoor location, where on the first day we had to get to know the location and how to light it so we could keep the sun both in cloudy and dark weather. By day two we had all the gear in place, which allowed us to increase efficiency and get all the video and stills in place.

Editing and delivery

On set, we used a mix of digital and analogue, which creates a natural waiting time, as 8mm film takes two weeks to be processed and delivered. This meant that we were able to get everything digitally in place during this time. Firstly, we focused on the images and the desired look. We quickly agreed on grading with Labfresh and within a week we were able to deliver all the images edited and retouched. At the same time, our editor started delivering the first draft of the video. We used digital footage as placeholders for the 8mm film. This allowed them to approve the video despite the fact that the analogue footage still hadn't come back. As soon as we got the 8mm film delivered, it was easy to incorporate and we were able to deliver all the material on the same day as everything was approved in advance.

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