Skivenue - Aftermovie 2023

Skivenue is Denmark's largest organiser of ski holidays for young people, and this year they sent over 10,000 people to the French Alps during this year's season. The busiest week is week 7, when 2500 young high school students are travelling to a number of destinations in the Alps. They reached out to us again this year to document the week.



Strategic lead: Oliver Schlippe Hansen & Lasse Bach

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave

Timespan: Februar 2023

Key focus: Salg

Our method of execution

Alignment of expectations

A month before week 7, we met with Skivenue to plan and coordinate what content to produce and when to deliver it. They wanted a hybrid solution, where they could both post reels continuously, as well as gather content for the longer Aftermovie after the week was over. The whole week was carefully organised according to Skivenue's events, so we could best cover the week and give the best insight into the experience. The final video was to act as a lasting memory for the guests, but also to create generated hype in the promotion of next year's ski trip.

The days of shooting

The filming took place over 10 days in two different ski resorts, Val D'isere and Val Thorens. We were guided by Oliver Schlippe Hansen, who was in charge of all our logistics and planning so we could focus on the creative side of things. The days were filled with events at the legendary après-ski location, La Folie Douce, skiing with the camera and nightclubbing at night with the biggest Danish artists.

Editing and delivery

During the week, three small reels/stories were delivered to supplement Skivenue's social media with professional content. It harmonised well with their own organic content, as well as the reposts that were made regularly by the guests. After returning home, we started the larger production. We worked together to choose the music that would form the basis of the entire video. The following week consisted of organising the 10 days of material and creating a framework for the visual story. 10 days after returning home, we were able to deliver the first draft and four days after we sent the final version in the desired formats.

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