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Hansens Is and Nationalmuseet collaborated on an ice cream to celebrate Denmark and Danish typical ingredients. They ended up producing rhubarb, white chocolate, and licorice ice cream, which would only be sold at Nationalmuseet's museums. The iced creams were only in production one day, so Hansens Is wanted to document it beautifully with content that appeals to the audience while still being informative for potential customers of their company's products. We delivered two versions; One version focused purely around Hanssen is demonstrating how they make each product and another mixed with material from Natinalmuseets many different sights around Denmark.



Strategic lead: Anders Bang

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave & Anders Bang

Timespan: May 2021

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution


In close contact with Anders Bang, we planned the video to capture the only production day of their new ice cream. We ensured we had the proper access in advance to achieve the best shots in the usually closed facility for security reasons.


We met early in the morning with Anders for a guided tour around the facility to have a closer look at the production line to check whether our wishes about full access had been met. Everything was accessible, and we began to set up and prepare for the production that only lasted two hours. We were forced to work with the facility’s natural lighting with no room for lighting setups, which we managed with ease.

Editing, grading and delivery

With close contact with Anders and Nationalmuseet, we delivered multiple versions combined with the museum’s material from their nationwide museums. The editing process focused on making an industrial production exciting and eye-catching. The images themselves were satisfying, and we concluded a more childish approach with a more exaggerated sound design that fitted the video well, which our client agreed on. The final delivery ended up being two different versions - one only focusing on Hansens Is and one with a combined focus on Hansens Is and Nationalmuseet.

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