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ROYALTIES is a tailor-made "creator program" for future professional musicians and music industry professionals. It's for those who, as ambitious talents, have fire in their eyes and a dream to make a living working seriously in the music industry. We wanted to showcase a warm and inviting vibe with different aspects of the course and the daily life of their students while portraying what students will experience and gain from ROYALTIES "creator program."



Strategic lead: Isabell Emilie Flagstad and Marcus Rønnow

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave, Isabell Emilie Flagstad and Marcus Rønnow

Timespan: Marts 2021 - Maj 2021

Key focus: Recruitment & branding

Our method of execution


The planning of this project was in the middle of the corona pandemic in winter 2021, which meant we could meet online. We had three online meetings to discuss everything from concept to execution. The first meeting was a creative session where we proposed our creative thoughts on how to portray the course. We agreed on a creative direction and a narrative, and we had two weeks to prepare a storyboard for the next meeting. The next meeting focused on improving the storyboard, writing the script, and finalising the concept, so Royalties and we were completely aligned. The third meeting was purely practical to prepare us for the production days. We got the talents we needed and an overview of locations and different props we needed.


The production was spread out over three days. Two of the days were solely focused on each of the talents. The timing on location was vital because we depended on the natural light to mimic a morning situation so the two storylines would align in time. After shooting their morning routine, we did the voiceover script on location to save time before shooting the rest of the exterior shots. The third production day was the culmination of the two separate storylines, where talent number one plays drums and talent number two is the stage manager at the same concert. This finished the storyline and wrapped up the production.


With a well-thought-out storyboard, the post-production was clean and effective. The most significant task was to get the flow of the story correct and correspond effectively with the voice-over of the talents. With the most extended version lasting around 1:30, we cut tight and quickly to preserve the audience's interest. Therefore, we also created several cut downs to create a marketing funnel, which could spark the interest of potential new students to see the full version and hopefully participate in next year's Royalties program.

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