Nordic Weaving Campaign

Nordic Weaving is a Danish textile brand focusing on selling high-quality bed sheets and clothing for women and children. They approached us with the mission of creating a more modern story for their brand, which should be featured organically on their social channels, for paid ads, and their new website. We were up for the exciting task and researched their competitors to see what they succeeded with and where Nordic Weaving could excel.



Strategic lead: Gustav Møller and Isabella Dencker Andreasen

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave, Gustav Møller and Isabella Dencker Andreasen

Timespan: September 2021 - November 2021

Key focus: Rebranding

Our method of execution

Planning and references

Prior to the production, we had three meetings. The first meeting was an introduction of the project, what Nordic Weaving wanted, and how we could achieve their dreams. After the first meeting, we researched concrete creative solutions and created a moodboard with several relevant references to visualise the creative direction at the next meeting. At the second meeting, we presented our ideas and got the green light for our creative approach. That meant we could begin planning locations, gear, and logistics. One week before the production day, we had a final meeting agreeing on the production plan and getting the final details in place.


The production took place in Aarhus. We wanted to capture the sunrise at a beautiful beach just south of Aarhus, so we got up early in the morning. We had to carry gear, a bed frame, and all the products in complete darkness to set up and capture the sunset at it’s finest. Everything worked out in our favour. After capturing all the bedsheets and a few clothing items, we came back to the center of Aarhus to do the rest of the production in an apartment. We used our references to set the desired mood and did a few creative environments with our set stylist to use the bedroom in as many ways as possible.

Editing, grading and delivery

In close contact with Gustav from Nordic Weaving, we prioritized the post-processing of the content to their needs. We started by focusing on the content from the first location on the beach. We edited and retouched every still photo and made four small video concepts for their paid ads, which urgently needed an upgrade. After getting the final approval, we focused on the second location. We carefully selected our favourites before sending them over for revision. After the green light, we began the final retouching process of the bedsheets. We made sure to deliver everything in the respective formats for their social channels and optimize their Shopify store's pictures.

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