Unlimit SS21

Unlimit is a Danish bag brand and acts as the young profile for the danish bag brand, Adax. They differentiate by using more vibrant colors and patterns and appeal to a much younger and less conservative target group. Since their target group is between 13 and 25, we had to appeal to this exact group regarding styling, make-up, choice of model, and posing. They believed in us to lift the task and deliver the pictures for their new SS2021 collection, which would be used in their lookbook, website, and social media.



Strategic lead: Katrine Fabricius and Caroline Sonne

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave, Katrine Fabricius and Caroline Sonne

Timespan: April 2021

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution


After being approached by Unlimit, we instantly started our research for references and creative paths to take. We knew the brand and its core values because we had worked together on another production earlier that year. We came up with a mood board before the first meeting with Kathrine Fabricius. They also came prepared with their mood board, and we made sure to align our creative thoughts. They recommended a talented model, which turned out to be a perfect choice, and we were ready to shoot.


We arrived early in the morning at The Lab in Copenhagen. The weather was grey, and the windows lighting was flat, which didn’t match the desired look and mood. We created a lighting setup mimicking a sun shining through a window to correctly match a more summery mood and the vibrant colored bags and outfits. It worked perfectly and made an appealing setting. The mood board acted as a guideline throughout the whole shoot and kept the desired creative direction.


We delivered our rough selection and one edited version for possible corrections within two working days. With the edited version approved by the creative team of Unlimit, we began the final editing and retouching. Five days later, the final delivery was made.

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