Ringsted Festival - Full production

Since its beginning in 2005, Ringsted Festival has manifested itself as a loving and festive meeting between all ages and personalities. The festival is visited by approx. 12,000 guests annually, including 4,000 campers, and is fully commercialised. Therefore, they were looking for a production team to handle both daily productions, as well as the big wrap-up, which will act as the main campaign video for next year's festival.



Strategic lead: Emil Malthe Eilertsen

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave

Timespan: August 2022

Key focus: Billet salg

Our method of execution

Alignment of expectations

The brief from the client asked us to create three daily productions, all of which had to be conceptually different from each other. We began a creative process where, through references and our own ideas, we settled on three daily concepts that differentiated themselves and could entertain the guests every day before they had to return to the festival site. It required a team of three people: A photographer, an editor and a project manager who could keep track of deadlines and deliveries.

The days of shooting

At the festival, the days were highly structured to ensure that we had content for the big overall mood film, and that the daily concept was also filmed. This required the project manager to have a full overview of the concerts, as well as the cover shots that also helped to create the narrative. After the last concert on the festival site, all files were backed up and organised so that our editors could start on the day concepts at 8am the next day. This process was repeated three days in a row, so that every day a concept was shot and edited.

Editing and delivery

The editing work in this project was in two parts, as we had to deliver on an ongoing basis, as well as deliver a big unified film based on all the days. The big film had to play on all the values, characteristics and emotions that people associate with the festival, so they could use it as marketing for next year's festival. At the heart of the video was choosing the right music, finding the right tempo for the older audience, and emphasising all the qualities of the festival.

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