M-KAE’s new clothing collection aimed to mature their brand and target a new older audience. That meant we had to shoot for a different mood and feeling than our previous productions with M-KAE. We changed up the choice of models and the founder, Maria Kragmann, brought a vintage Mercedes-Benz to emphasize the desired vibe further.

In the beautiful setting of The Lab, we managed to bring the car, clothing, and studio space together to create a unique universe.

We were responsible for producing both photo and video content for web, organic, and paid social.



Strategic lead: Maria Kragmann

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave and Maria Kragmann

Timespan: October 2021 - October 2021

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution

Planning and references

The desired style of the photos was planned out in detail to meet the requirements and wishes for M-KAE. We shared references of the theme and mood, which gave us the creative direction for the project. The project aimed for content that would come off more mature and confident than the previous collections shoots.


We had a full day in The Lab from early morning, where the car would arrive. We agreed on the production plan, so we knew exactly when we needed the car and when we didn’t. Our creative assistant kept track of the shot list, so every collection piece was captured, and the video concepts were shot as well.

Editing, grading and delivery

Selection two days after the shoot for M-KAE to carefully select their favorites. In the meantime, we began the post-processing of the video material. We had in the preproduction agreed on two video concepts suited specifically for paid ads. These were edited, graded, and delivered in every format for M-KAE’s social channels. By utilising the time gap in the still photo process, we managed to stay effective, and we were ready for the next step. When we received the final selection, we began to carefully retouch before doing the final delivery. The whole post-process was optimized for efficiency, and we managed to stay effective throughout the typical waiting periods. This meant minimal downtime for us and a very satisfied customer.

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