Karim Design Redefined in a New Era

Karim Design is one of Denmark’s most well-known wedding dress stores. In collaboration with one of our web design partners, we had to rethink the entire visual concept and identity. Karim Design was stuck in a classic and more conservative visual expression, and we wanted to create a more dreamy and adventurous visual profile. After a long time of location scouting, we ended up with an orangery filled with plants and vibrant colours next to the beautiful Gisselfeld castle. We spent two full days and ended up shooting stills and videos of 103 dresses with an 11 man strong crew.



Strategic lead: Hesam Feyzi, Julius Sønderhave, Emil Eilertsen and Jesper Kolbe Vedersø

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave

A-camera: Magnus Thyssen Klintorp

Styling: Hesam Feyzi & Stina Fischer

Hair & Makeup: Mia Pelch

Timespan: June 2021 - August 2021

Key focus: Rebranding

Our method of execution


The planning of this project went on for over six months. It was a big production with many people who needed to be involved, where we had full responsibility for everything to run smoothly. Our planning began with scouting the location. We wanted to stay away from the usual studios and get a real-life location. We wanted to create a dreamy fairytale universe with flowers and plants. After several options, we found the perfect site for it: Paradehuset. With the location set, we needed mature models who would be adequate for the role of a bride. We hosted five different castings with over 50 models to make sure we found the right four. After our models were in place, we needed to ensure the production team was in place. We required hair and makeup, stylists, assistants, a producer, and an extra photographer to capture the 103 dresses in the span of 2 days.


With the prior planning and a well-thought-out production plan, we knew how many dresses we needed to shoot every day, which should have what dress on, and the order we needed to shoot them in. It was the foundation and reason why the execution went flawlessly and without stress. We created different stations for stills, video, make-up, and the dressing room, so we avoided everyone being in the way of each other. We also needed to be constantly aware of the sun’s path since we shot in an orangery, and we moved all the lighting equipment accordingly throughout the two days. At the end of day one, we reset the lighting equipment so everything would be ready for the next day.


Before we could begin the editing process, we had multiple terabytes of footage we needed to structure. With everything labelled and mapped, we began to select the best images of every dress so Hesam from Karim Design could approve and we could move on to the retouch and final adjustments. Every single dress needed its own video to go along with it. We edited a draft video with a final grade and music, which we sent to Hesam again to get approval before creating the rest of the 103 videos. With everything approved, we went into the final stage of retouching the images and editing all the videos in the correct formats for his webshop and social media.

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