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TØ. The world's easiest dessert. Take it out of the fridge, let it thaw a bit, and then serve the delicious dessert. The short info commercial was shot for Hansens Is, one of Denmark's oldest ice cream dairies. The goal of the video was to show how easy it is to get a tasty dessert in a matter of minutes.



Strategic lead: Anders Bang

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave & Anders Bang

Timespan: Februar 2021

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution


We had a half-day preparation meeting on location with an interior designer, Sofie Helsted, and Anders Bang from Hansen Is. We needed to test the best melting temperatures and how quickly the new ice cream product would be affected. Another critical challenge we needed to solve - how do we get the ice cream to melt appealing? These problems were all solved in advance since we wouldn’t have the time on the production day. The video concept was also locked in place - a time-lapse showcasing an example of how to use your time well while waiting for the ice to reach the right temperature.


With the proper knowledge of the ice cream’s behaviour, we met early morning to set up the gear and prepare the set design in tight collaboration with Sofie Helsted. We prepared more than 50 ice creams and kilos of topping to practice and instruct the actors properly. After an hour of practice, we ran the time-lapse ten times with different variations of hand movement and interaction.

Editing, grading and delivery

The editing process was in close contact with Anders Bang to ensure we went in the right creative direction. We added motion graphics to highlight the ingredients of the ice cream and a clock to give the audience a sense of time. The final delivery ended with a full version and a cut down in three formats to suit every social channel.

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