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Debbie's mission is to ensure good recovery without losing a good customer relationship. They give their users "value for money" and their customers a good experience during recovery. They wanted us to show how easy their platform works by producing high-quality short video tutorials on relevant cases. Their goal was to highlight the core features of the Debbie platform to ensure that they are the most effective recovery tool on the market.



Strategic lead: Torben Smedegaard Pedersen

Creative lead: Torben Smedegaard Pedersen, Emil Brandt and Julius Sønderhave

Timespan: Two weeks

Key focus: Lead generation

Our method of execution

Planning and references

Debbie had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with this production. They just wanted a production company to fulfil the visual side. We came with our creative inputs to make their concepts visually pleasing and more understandable and how we wanted to portray the company.


We had a full day of filming in a closed office, where we could control the lighting completely. We made a set that gave Emil authority but still portrayed him as an open-minded and likable person. The biggest task of the production was to direct and keep everything short but still contain the important details of the platform’s features.

Editing, grading and delivery

Within ten days we handed over all deliverables including the 3d-mockup of the platform working live alongside the spoken words. We were really proud of the pace and quality and Debbie was more than satisfied with our work.

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