cVation Recruitment Campaign

CVation is a danish software company, who specialises in cloud solutions for big companies worldwide. Like any other software company, they struggled with recruiting talented software engineers, and they asked us to help them.



Strategic lead: Katrine Beenfeldt

Creative lead: Julius Sønderhave

Timespan: June 2021 - August 2021

Key focus: Branding

Our method of execution


In the span of two meetings with CVation’s Head of Marketing, Katrine Beenfeldt, we planned and structured five different video concepts concerning other areas of cVation. From being a dad in cVation to the employee’s general job satisfaction in cVation. We planned more interviews than we needed since none of the employees had any experience in front of the camera. That meant we didn’t need everyone to perform and would eventually give us more room in the post-production.


We had two production days to get ten interviews and film b-roll of the office environment and the exterior. We planned to do all the interviews in one day and keep a couple of hours of the last day open in case of illness or other variables that could intervene with the production plan. We let Katrine Beenfeldt take control of every interview since all the employees knew her and were comfortable with her asking the questions. It resulted in them acting more naturally and calmly. We made sure to shift location between every interview to avoid making it look too static.


Katrine Beenfeldt got all the raw interview material to make the rough selection herself. It made the editing process easier, and our editor could be comfortable in his final selection. We delivered the final version and two cutdowns to be used at the top of their recruiting funnel on different social media platforms.

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